Belgium Gambling Laws

Belgium Gambling Laws

Belgium Gambling Laws

Before we jump into the details of the licences and the gambling laws in Belgium, we will supply you with the opportunity to choose the place you want to start from. There may possibly be facts that you are aware of currently. Use the navigation under and steer by means of the Belgium gambling laws the way you really feel suitable.

Gambling Laws in Belgium – The Active Gambling Acts

On the internet gambling in BE was not regulated ahead of 2011, even when the legal framework in the country has had numerous active acts currently – the Lotteries Act 1851, the Gaming Act 1999 (amended twice), the National Lottery Act 2002, and a set of Royal Decrees. They are functioning now as effectively.

With the gaming world evolving, the nation decided to modify its Gaming Act in 2010. That way, Belgium adopted a licensing regime for online gambling. Since then, every single online operator has been required to have a licence. That element of legal on-line gambling in BE is in the jurisdiction of their gambling licensing authority – the Belgium Gambling Comission.

  • Lotteries Act 1851
  • Gaming Act 1999
  • National Lottery Act 2002
  • On the internet Gambling 2011

The Gambling Commission was formed in 1999 under the Gaming Act. It is responsible for the gambling industry in Belgium. The BGC protects players and controls the licences that have been granted in the country. The Commission created a technique of extra permits concerning nearby and foreign businesses that wish to operate on-line casino sites in BE. 1 of them, for instance, allows existing land-primarily based gaming establishments with a licence to apply for an additional one to offer you their games practically. Verify the rest of the licences below.

Legal Gambling in BE – Needed Licences

When discussing virtual legal gambling in BE, we must mention a single crucial aspect of the laws – each on the internet operator have to relate to a licensed land-based casino. That is the only way the company can expand its solutions. The essential licences for that are A, B and F or – casino (A)two, amusement arcade (slot hall, B) and bookmaker (F).

That part of the gambling laws in Belgium creates a lot of troubles for foreign on the web casino operators – they lack a land-primarily based companion. The gaming laws in other European countries differ in that element from Belgium. Nevertheless, the nation evolves and comes closer to the top gambling destinations in Europe. There is no connection amongst land-based and on-line casinos in several of them, like in BE.

Belgian Flag with Dice

Even with all the restrictions, new firms manage to enter the legal on-line gambling in BE. The most recent foreign operator who managed to do that and offer a wide range of gaming goods is bwin. One particular of the legislations enables on the web casinos to enter the country and obtain a permit if they handle to operate with each other with a local gaming establishment.

In that line of thoughts, bwin partnered with Belcasinos, a subsidiary of Group Partouche, and secured an A+ online casino licence through them. In spite of the cumbersome licensing method, Belgium is regarded as a wealthy nation and is targeted by many foreign on the web casinos. The gambling laws in other countries incorporate heavy regulations as nicely,

Distinct Legal Licences Issued by the BGC

When conducting our weblog on Belgium gambling laws, we discovered an thrilling method by regional casinos. Several operators in BE have decided to ‘lease’ their licence to nicely-identified international businesses. That is very good for each sides, provided the circumstances. As we have talked about earlier, getting regional permits can be quite challenging.

Still, the purpose for such rental agreements is easy – an international party will pay a lot of cash to enter the market place. That way, BE operators will have much more revenue than when they operate an online legal web site themselves. Right here are the 9 various licences in the country that the BGC can situation:

  1. Licence A – for gambling establishments class I: casinos.
  2. Licence B – for gambling establishments class II: slot machine arcades.
  3. Licence C – for gambling establishments class III: drinking establishments.
  4. Class D Permit – for the personnel functioning in a casino, slot machine or betting office.
  5. Licence E – for the leasing, sale, rental, supply, import, export, provision, production and services of repair, upkeep, and gear of games of chance.
  6. F1 licence – for bet organisers.
  7. Licence F2 – for gambling establishments class IV: betting offices.
  8. Licence G1 – for tv games.
  9. Licence G2 – for games of opportunity through other media (radio games and games via the printed press).

Any legal online gambling in BE needs an active permit issued by the BGC. You require to comply with a process to apply for such a document and set up any sort of virtual gaming business in the country. That is quite significantly how a frequent process of how to open a casino starts.

For operating an online casino gambling site in Belgium, you need to have an A+ or a B+ licence. If you are supplying sports betting services, you require an further F+ grant. Remember that these extensions are only accessible to firms already in possession of brick &amp mortar A, B, or F permits.

Legal On-line Gambling in BE – Application Process

In 2011, the gambling laws in Belgium added two royal decrees as the regulatory framework for online games of possibility. The first prescribes the required application document for the extra licence, how it need to be submitted and verified. The Gaming Commission will procedure such applications within six months of receipt. The second sets the high quality specifications, which must be met by the applicant. Here is what every single of the two includes as obligatory stages:

🥇 The Initial Royal Decree🥇 The Very first Royal Decree
NameCreditworthiness and Fiscal Obligations
StructureSafety of Payment Transaction
Headquarters of the WebsiteAccessibility of Games of Likelihood for Socially Vulnerable Groups
Points of Speak toComplaints Procedures
Administration CelebrationAdvertisement Policy

Applicants must also spend for security ahead of receiving any permit. The quantity of this safety varies, based on the variety of licence. The casinos spend the operational costs of the Gaming Commission via an annual licensing fee. The applicant is also accountable for establishing a permanent information connection in between its site and the BGC. On the web grants have the exact same duration as their land-primarily based counterparts.

Restrictions and Belgian Legal Gambling Age

Let’s commence with one particular of the most vital prohibitions within legal gambling in BE – the Belgian legal gambling age. Individuals younger than 21 years of age are not allowed to access online casino games or gaming arcades. On-line betting is forbidden for minors or players more youthful than 18 years of age. The BE Royal Decree introduced 3 categories of guidelines:

  • 📋 Common rules regarding the on the web games of possibility and bets.
  • ⭐ Guidelines on advertising.
  • ✍️ Guidelines on player registration, age verification and identification.

The rules are stringent, and any operator providing gambling solutions from a site lacking a .be domain can be blocked. More than the years, there have been a series of websites placed on the BE blacklist. The Belgium Gambling Commission wanted to add social gaming apps to that exact same list. Quite typically, they attract the younger market. In case you are interested in the blocked web sites, verify the blacklist available on the BGC site.

Future of the BE Gambling Laws

Whilst the method of the gambling laws in Belgium is reasonably prosperous, it may possibly also be a little outdated due to the shift from land-primarily based to on the web gambling establishments. The BGC is recognized to be re-assessing the land-based connection. The aim is to maintain the best way forward almost ten years soon after its implementation.

Casino Elements Over the Belgian Flag

If the land-primarily based hyperlinks were lifted, online gaming platforms would supply a broader range of gaming titles. Who knows, even the very best online casinos in the world may possibly step on the Belgian gambling marketplace. It would also be achievable for casino giants such as Casumo and Mr Green to enter the BE market place. The only query in thoughts is whether the present on-line sites would be able to compete.


We managed to cover many elements of the Belgium gambling laws. We have mentioned licences, applications, rules, reasons for blacklisted web sites and the vital Belgian legal gambling age. Nonetheless, added concerns are anticipated as a typical element of the procedure. This section is filled with frequently observed enquiries about the gambling laws in Belgium.

✅ Is online gambling legal in Belgium?

Gambling laws in Belgium are a bit strict on that matter. They even seem old-fashioned compared to the rest of the gaming world. Still, the nation keeps the quantity of permitted on the web platforms strictly below a particular quantity. The central authority keeping legal gambling in order is the BGC.

📋 What permits are essential for online legal gambling in BE?

That is the most interesting aspect of the gambling laws in Belgium. It tends to make the nation diverse compared to other destinations with legalised games of possibility. Right here, you will need to have to have a connection among the on the internet operators and licensed land-based casinos. That relates to their active permits. Apart from, foreign operators require to partner with neighborhood gaming spots.

🧐 What are the legal gambling licences Issued by the BGC?

The Belgium Gambling Commission is the primary authority monitoring legal gambling in the country. It looks out for correct documentation, domains, permits, Belgian legal gambling age, and every thing keeping locals away from harm’s way. The BGC troubles nine gambling licences covering each aspect of the gaming industry.

⚙️ How to apply for a permit enabling legal gambling in BE?

The framework was adopted in 2011 with the official authorisation of legal on-line gambling in BE. The Gambling Commission applied two royal decrees mandatory for every single company prepared to provide games of likelihood in the nation. The method of applying is simple with detailed directions on the official BGC internet site.

⚖️ What will take place for disobeying the gambling laws in Belgium?

The country makes use of a firm hand when it comes to its gambling laws. There are not any exceptions for those who disobey the stated guidelines and regulations. Belgium is a tasty destination for a lot of foreign organizations. Comply with every portion of the Belgium gambling laws as you will be blacklisted and unable to enter the local marketplace.

⌛ What is the future of gambling in Belgium?

With the enhanced interest and recognition of on the internet gambling in Belgium, the government is contemplating adjusting the existing regulations partially. Some of them are even believed old-fashioned. The BGC thinks of Belgian’s gambling future. It will open the local industry for much more foreign investors and will widen the casino industry.